Strongbow’s rebrand signals a new chapter

CR speaks to Otherway founder Jono Holt about his team’s work on the cider brand’s redesign, which sees the gold and black palette replaced after 60 years

Strongbow, owned by Heineken, is the UK’s largest cider brand but according to reports the category is in decline. To combat this and encourage a new wave of consumers, creative studio Otherway has been brought in to freshen up Strongbow’s branding, which has remained relatively similar since 1963. The biggest change is a new can design to tie in with the release of a new tropical flavour later this year.

“To reinvigorate not only the brand, but also the category, [Strongbow] wanted major change,” Jono Holt, founder of Otherway, tells CR. “New cans, new flavours and a new brand platform. To get back into growth, cider has to connect with younger audiences.” 

Strongbow original redesign otherway