Studio Blackburn on its We Mean Green campaign

Last week a revamp, albeit a temporary one, of the British Rail double arrow logo caused a stir in the design press and on social media. CR speaks to Studio Blackburn, the team behind the update, to get an insight into the project and how they felt about the reaction

After a pitch process, Studio Blackburn was commissioned by the Rail Delivery Group (RDG) to create a print and digital campaign to promote the environmental benefits of rail travel. It was tied to the upcoming COP26 event taking place November 1 in Glasgow, and the aim was for the campaign to be used in the run up and during the conference.

The objective was simple: grow awareness that rail is the greenest form of public transport and “demonstrate how rail is supporting the government to achieve its net-zero carbon goal, making the case for investment in decarbonising the railway”.

All images and videos: We Mean Green campaign by Studio Blackburn

“As a result, the audience [for the campaign] was quite varied. Apart from the public, it also had to be aimed at the decision makers and people coming to the country to attend the event,” Paul Blackburn, founder of Studio Blackburn, tells CR. “So it had to work for various different audiences.”