Studio Fromm on defining the new traditional

Fromm, the studio behind the cover art for our Future issue of Creative Review, talk us through their unique approach to 3D design, which deftly mixes both the old and the new

Friends first and collaborators second, Vince Ibay and Jessica Miller founded Fromm as a way to channel their love of 3D into projects including editorial illustrations, social media content, music videos and ads. With clients such as Spotify, the New York Times and Bloomberg Businessweek, Fromm’s creations feel like a colourful antidote to the dark and moody CGI work routinely seen.

“During lockdown we were seeing a lot of sci-fi-inspired 3D work. It was very traditional and techy,” says Ibay. “We just wanted a more lighthearted take on it. And the more we did these lighthearted things, the more we discovered people liked it.”

Moving away from the traditional is the same approach Ibay and Miller have taken for the cover art they’ve made for this issue of CR. Inspired by our theme ‘The Future’, rather than robots and lasers, the pair looked to tarot cards – more specifically The Fool card – for inspiration. “The Fool card represents youthfulness, new beginnings, and a leap of faith,” says Miller. The creatives say they wanted to tap into the supernatural, almost mystical buzz around AI and other new technologies right now.

Image shows the cover of the Creative Review Future Issue 2023 featuring a 3D model of a person with blonde hair carrying a bag on a stick over their shoulder. They're stood on a podium next to a white dog with mountains and grassland in the background. The image has a yellow border decorated with leaves, moons and stars