Studio8 to close

Zoë Bather and Matt Willey, the founders of Studio8 Design, have announced that the London-based design consultancy is to close in May

The Studio8 team, from left: Matt Willey, Zoë Bather, Steve Fenn and Tom Pollard. Photo: Maria Spann

Zoë Bather and Matt Willey, the founders of Studio8 Design, have announced that the London-based design consultancy is to close in May

In a joint statement on the Studio8 website, Bather and Willey say “We’ve had a fantastic 6 years and are very proud of what we have achieved, working with some great people on some wonderful projects. We’d like to say thank you to all our clients; everyone who has worked for us; and all the suppliers who have supported us.” They are, they say “going off to pursue their individual interests in design”.

The pair set the studio up in 2005, having previously worked together for Vince Frost. Studio8 quickly established a reputation for typographically-led design, particularly in print. It was the launch design studio for Elephant magazine (2009) as well as for independent quarterly fashion title Plastique. The studio also worked for titles such as Wired and MAP, while Willey and Bather had previously been part of the team on Zembla magazine.



Last year, Willey assisted New York Times Magazine art director Arem Du Plessis on that title’s redesign (covers shown above) as well as being part of the team that launched men’s magazine Port.

Bather says that the pair will continue to work on Studio8 projects until May. After that, they will go their separate ways. She will “be doing my own thing – focussing on print, editorial and identity projects and potentially some interesting collaborations”.


Typeface for Wired, 2011


Identity for Central School, 2010

Future Industries identity, 2012



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