Subaru, Better Where it Matters: sometimes a funny, good ad is enough

In a world of ‘purpose-driven’ marketing and grandly ambitious big ideas to change the world, sometimes it’s good to see and ad that’s happy just to try to sell you something – and make you laugh at the same time.

Here’s a new spot for Subaru from MullenLowe in London that does just that. It launches a new model – the XV. The bigger idea is that Subaru is supposedly a brand that eschews gimmicks in favour of just making cars that are great to drive – so the advertising is straightforward too.

The appeal is all in the performances, which director Keith McCarthy has done a great job on.

Agency: MullenLowe London
ECD: Mark Elwood
Creative Lead: Gavin Cumine
Creatives: Greg Stekelman, Drew Davies, Angus Crombie
Director: Keith McCarthy
Production Company: Stink Films


Milton Keynes