Watch reseller Subdial’s identity subverts notions of luxury

Geared towards an emerging generation of collectors, the new branding breaks Subdial away from its stuffy competition thanks to its vibrant approach to illustration and animation

London-based branding agency Nalla has created a new identity for “network-powered” luxury watch seller Subdial that speaks to a younger generation of watch collectors.

Based out of east London, Subdial has resonated in the market thanks to its transparent pricing and social-focused approach. Using proprietary data, it reveals to users the real time prices of different watch models. This feature is called the Subdial Watch Index and it tracks the top 50 most-traded models on the global pre-owned market, providing valuable insights to aspiring and established collectors.

It has also introduced the ‘clubhouse’ – an online space designed to facilitate conversation around watch collecting and connect enthusiasts around the world, allowing them to share knowledge and tips.

Subdial was keen to tap into the interests and tastes of its core audience, which is younger than that of many other brands in the luxury watch market. The key difference is that up-and-coming collectors want to see brands with personality, not the stuffy elitism associated with the watch market in years gone by.

As such, Nalla has introduced vibrant illustrations and animations into Subdial’s branding. Employing a palette of primary colours, the illustrations speak to a more contemporary understanding of watch collecting. These bold hues juxtapose with the subtle shades and textures of the watches themselves, creating a fresh look and feel.

Meanwhile, refined linework and geometric shapes reference the markers and batons of watch faces without detracting from the elegance of the real product. These elements are also occasionally brought to life through simple motion design that nods to the mechanisms of the watches themselves.

Digitally native and social media savvy, younger collectors look for different indicators of luxury to their predecessors, and Subdial’s more pared-back approach suits them well.