Superunion creates blockchain-inspired identity for Elliptic

Superunion has created a new identity for Elliptic, a tech company that detects and investigates cryptocurrency-enabled criminal activity such as terrorism, ransomware and child pornography.

Superunion, Elliptic branding

The identity is based around the concept of revealing the “truth in data”. This is visualised through the use of negative space typography inspired by the blocks of data that form that blockchain, the (near-incomprehensible) technology originally created as cryptocurrency Bitcoin’s decentralised ledger.

The type deliberately veers towards illegibility when rendered at scale, “ to echo difficult tasks Elliptic undertakes,” says Superunion, while the monochrome palette “reflects the seriousness of the issue and the importance of the legal cases that rely on Elliptic’s intelligence.” Letterforms become abstracted into Tetris-like chunks, rendered with tight horizontal white lines “inspired by the raw, digital look and feel of data lines and the blockchain,” the agency adds. The result is a beguiling mix of highly complex new tech and ideas with a charmingly 90s-esque hint of fuzzy VHS screen on rewind.

The identity is used across touchpoints including confidential presentation files, printed documents, screen animations, Elliptic’s new online presence, and stationery.

Elliptic works with cryptocurrency companies, financial institutions and government agencies to stop illicit activity enabled by the fact that cryptocurrency transactions are so hard to trace; and the new designs aim to help the brand stand out among their competitors while hinting at the story behind its services, according to Superunion.

Superunion, Elliptic branding


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