How to survive 2021: Champion Others

The next instalment in our survival guide tackles the importance of championing others, by looking at ways to make changes within a business and using your platform, however small, to support others

For many years the creative industries have talked a lot about the need for diversity. News story after news story has highlighted the inequalities of workplaces, whether that’s through gender pay gaps, teams that only fit the criteria of ‘pale, male and stale’, or how offices only benefit the able-bodied. These questions came under a particular spotlight societal shift last summer after the Black Lives Matter movement prompted scrutiny of not only the criminal justice system but also a probing look at other facets of society.

The work towards equality is ongoing and in this instalment of our survival guide we talk to our experts about what can be done to champion others. This includes advice on how to change teams and businesses from within, as well as the importance of using your voice, however small it may seem, as a force for change.   


Education is a vital part in understanding where your own biases may lie and to increase your awareness of how the systems in place can impact the work and lives of everyone around you. But it should be a continual process. “I know I had to do a lot of reading and research on this topic, and have learned so much during this time,” says artist Camille Walala. “Projects like Design Can are a great platform people should look at to do their own learning and to find people to work with. I hope that the positive changes continue, as there is a lot that needs to change!”