How to survive 2021: Keep on Collaborating

From reimagining office culture online to using the wealth of virtual events to make new contacts, creatives discuss how to make collaboration a key part of your work this year

While some aspects of our new WFH lives are brilliant when it comes to our productivity levels, the absence of pre-pandemic activities such as lunchtime catch ups with colleagues or coffee dates with potential clients has undoubtedly made collaborating more of a challenge over the past year.

Ever the problem solvers, creatives have been quick to adapt to both working with existing partners virtually and finding new collaborators online. With remote working set to be more important than ever this year, we speak to experts about how to keep on collaborating through 2021.


BBH’s head of production Stephen Ledger-Lomas is the first to admit that networking in our current situation is easier said than done. “It’s hard. There’s no bumping into someone at a launch event. I’ve never met more people from all corners of the globe more quickly than by sitting on judging panels, or meeting production talent for jobs, or speaking to production or post-production companies, or meeting potential candidates for roles,” he says.

While it’s tempting to shy away from networking in its new unfamiliar form, meeting new people virtually should still be high up your list of priorities, says Ledger-Lomas. “We will get back into the real world, we will have conversations at parties and events again, and we will be meeting art buyers at ad agencies. But in the meantime, I think it’s actually a better opportunity than ever before to lean into what it is to do that digitally.