Swedish punk band Pissjar releases typeface made from own urine

The charmingly-named band created the typeface for the launch of their new album, spending six months urinating onto bed sheets

This tasteful addition to the typographic canon was dreamed up as a side project by Anton Bolin, an art director at Swedish agency ACNE.

The idea started out as an image for the sleeve of the band’s new album, Apathy & Cheap Thrills. But once the band got going, as it were, they decided to expand it into a full-fledged, downloadable typeface.

Bolin stretched bedsheets over a frame to create an absorbent surface to make the characters. The band then let rip “one letter per pee session”. Each character was then photographed before it dried.

The band say it took around 300 peeing sessions, spread over six months, to create the full alphabet. R was, apparently, the most challenging letter – they finally gave up making it for real and stitched several bits of other characters together on the computer to make it.

Now Pissjar Sans is available to download for free “for you to use in your wedding invitation, school report or as a company logo for your shitty startup. Enjoy!”