Sweet new Guardian ad from BBH London

This sweet new spot from the Guardian will set you up nicely for the weekend. And it’s accompanied by some beautiful print work too…

This sweet new spot from the Guardian will set you up nicely for the weekend. And it’s accompanied by some beautiful print work too…

The ad forms part of the Guardian’s Own The Weekend campaign, which in previous iterations has taken quite a comedic approach. This spot opts instead for out-and-out charm, with a series of vignettes showing different ways that you can spend the weekend, all set to a sweet musical soundtrack, composed by the creative director on the ad, Michael Russoff. It’s all quite lefty, middle-class fare, of course, but as that’s the Guardian’s core audience, it makes perfect sense.

Accompanying the spot is a lovely piece of print and poster work, featuring a collage of visuals of weekend activities. All the included imagery is taken from the Guardian and Observer picture archive.

Full poster

Detail of poster

The release of the ad ties in with a minor redesign for the paper, which brings elements of the Guardian’s digital design into the print offering. Read more about this on Design Week, here.

Agency: BBH London
Creative director: Michael Russoff
Creatives: AK Parker, George Brettell
Production company: HLA
Director: Simon Ratigan
Post: The Mill
Illustrator on print work: Peter Quinnell
Typographer: James Townsend, Rob Wilson

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