Swiss Typefaces’ publication celebrates “non-Swiss typefaces”

The third issue of Swiss Typefaces’ publication Type Life showcases 19 “non-Swiss” typefaces from 1569-2018

Type Life issue 3

The succinctly named Switzerland-based type foundry Swiss Typefaces just launched the third issue of its Type Life publication, celebrating “non-Swiss typefaces” from 1569-2018. It’s certainly a broad remit – especially considering that the choice across that 449-year period is reduced to just 19 typefaces. According to Florian Hardwig of Fonts in Use, who penned the essay introducing the publication, that final selection “transcends being a subjective hit list, and gives an illuminating overview of the current scene, in terms of stylistic trends, but also in regard to other, less obvious factors.”

Each spread in the magazine showcases two typefaces, with lettering often deliberately spilling into the gutters and sweeping onto the next pages, “remind[ing] us that nothing exists in a vacuum,” says Hardwig.


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