Greenpeace: Wasteminster commercial

Greenpeace’s short film Wasteminster, directed by Park Village duo Sil van der Woerd and Jorik Dozy, used stop motion animation and wit to raise awareness of the UK government’s failings on waste. It is a Winner in the Advertising, Commercials category

Kiyan Prince Foundation: Long Live the Prince campaign

To raise awareness of knife crime, Engine created a digital version of murdered teenager Kiyan Prince, and added him to FIFA. The campaign won in Advertising, Integrated Campaigns, plus won an Honourable Mention for Digital, Craft & Technical Innovation

The French Dispatch: Aline title design/music video

Created to accompany Wes Anderson’s latest feature film The French Dispatch, this music video/title sequence was created by Fox Searchlight Pictures in collaboration with WePresent, WeTransfer’s digital arts platform. It is a Winner in Film & TV, Title Design