Remember when Levi’s ads were great?

Levi’s has a new ad out. Set to an uplifting pop tune, it feels like a journey through some of the brand’s best ads – there is a nod towards Laundrette, to Dangerous Liasons, even to BBH’s classic Nick Knight print ads featuring older models. Yet rather than making this the greatest Levi’s ad ever, by echoing these classic ads this spot just makes me miss the jean brand’s advertising glory days…

Someone To Watch Over You

CR talks to four of the top commercial photography agents about what they do, how they do it and why their multifaceted role is now more vital than ever

Six New Ads To Watch

We’ve travelled the world for this week’s advertising round-up, with work from Australia, New Zealand; USA, Singapore and Peru. First up is a new Aussie spot for Snickers, which continues the choc brand’s recent ‘You’re not you when you’re hungry’ theme with a bunch of builders turned gender equality advocates…

Six New Ads To Watch

This week’s ad round-up features work from Google, Coke, and Bigelow Tea, plus a compelling film from Thames & Hudson to promote a new book by South African photographer Roger Ballen. First up though is a new charity ad from BBH London for the Mayhew Animal Home…

Auction houses reach out to new audiences

The global art market is booming, and art auction houses, once perceived to be the preserve of the elite, are attracting new, more varied audiences. These changes can be seen in recent advertising for both Bonhams and Christie’s, which offers a more open vision of the modern auction house.

Gunn Report 2013 Winners Announced

The winners of this year’s Gunn Report – which rounds up the most awarded work and agencies in advertising each year – have been announced, with McCann Melbourne’s Dumb Ways To Die campaign for Metro Trains the clear star of 2013.

CR’s Pick of the 2014 Super Bowl Ads

Most people watch the Super Bowl for the football, but those in the ad industry are as likely to tune in for the breaks. Here’s CR’s pick of the best ten ads from the US’s biggest annual advertising event.