A conversation about revolution

Designers Lucienne Roberts and Clive Russell discuss rethinking systems, the thorny issue of complicity, and the role that creatives can play in bringing about positive change and inspiring people to take action Along with Trump and Brexit, the late 2010s will go down in history as a period defined by activism. We’ve seen the Women’s […]

A conversation about identity

Identity has become an increasingly important topic for artists and designers, particularly as social media and movements for change have opened up opportunities for new voices to be heard. We brought together two photographers, Alexander Coggin and Tommy Kha, to discuss what it means to them and the work that they make For this conversation, […]

A conversation about humour

As our world speeds up ever faster and – politically at least – becomes increasingly strange and unnerving, it is important to remember to keep laughing. Here, we bring together three artists – Stephen Collins, Flo Perry and Christopher Spencer, aka Cold War Steve – to talk about art and humour More than ever now, […]

A conversation about sex and taboos

Hanx co-founder Farah Kabir and Ferly’s Anna Hushlak reflect on society’s discomfort with discussing sex and pleasure, why we need to create new spaces for discussion, and the risks brands face when taking on taboos While high-profile ad campaigns from feminine hygiene brand Libresse or razor brand Billie have signalled progress on tackling body taboos, […]

A visual conversation about food

Artists Petra Eriksson and Edward Carvalho-Monaghan took on the unusual task of having a conversation in illustrations for CR. The topic was food and here are the results, which are wonderfully unexpected, including the invention of a new fruit and imaginary space food When we asked two illustrators who’d never met to have a conversation […]

A conversation about storytelling

Punchdrunk’s Stephen Dobbie and Game of Thrones Production Designer Deborah Riley discuss how great stories get told, and why the boundaries between on-screen and real-life narratives are blurring The ability to spin a good yarn is an essential skill in the creative industries. Whether you’re making a blockbuster ad campaign or a long-running TV series, […]

A conversation about responsibility

What part do the creative industries play in one of the biggest health issues of our times – the obesity crisis? And is regulation the right answer? Labour’s Deputy Leader Tom Watson, Droga5’s Grace Francis and Pentagram’s Naresh Ramchandani address the thorny question of responsibility “Advertising has contributed to making us a nation overweight, unhealthy […]


Shoreditch, London




Shoreditch, London