BBC Teach: Small Axe films

BBC Teach launched a series of films inspired by the stories told in Steve McQueen’s series Small Axe, to help expand school curriculums on Black British History. Words: Megan Williams

RNIB: Design For Everyone campaign

This campaign, created by The&Partnership, aims to highlight the challenges blind and partially sighted women face using pregnancy tests, and why a more universal design is required. Words: Emma Tucker

Burberry: Festive commercial

Burberry’s 2020 Christmas Ad is a delightfully cheery update of Singin’ in the Rain, which is of course super cool. It won in three categories in this year’s Annual. Words: Rebecca Fulleylove

ITV: Britain Get Talking campaign

ITV’s Britain Get Talking campaign, which originally launched in 2019, took on a new significance during the pandemic and the subsequent UK lockdown. Words: Megan Williams

Libresse: Wombstories commercial

This epic spot for Libresse addresses the complex relationship women have with their wombs over a lifetime. It is the most awarded work in the Annual 2021. Words: Rebecca Fulleylove


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