Recipeace wins D&AD White Pencil

D&AD’s inaugural White Pencil award has been won by Leo Burnett Chicago for Recipeace, a project that aims to bring people together over a shared meal in support of the Peace One Day initiative


Highlights from five decades of creative excellence at D&AD

Lifetime Achievement: Collett Dickenson Pearce

Though its glory days ended in the 80s, CDP has won more D&AD awards than any other ad agency. Lord Puttnam, who worked there in the 60s, pays tribute to the qualities that made the agency unique

Lifetime Achievement: Apple

An in-house studio comes top of the list of design D&AD award winners, but not just any in-house studio. Former D&AD President Richard Seymour discusses the contribution of Apple to the industry

Lifetime Achievement: Neil Godfrey

What made Neil Godfrey so special? His former partner at CDP, Tony Brignull, explains why he is D&AD’s most awarded art director

Lifetime Achievement: Designer

The former Pentagram partner and editorial design legend David Hillman is D&AD’s most awarded designer. Here, Simon Esterson, a friend and former colleague, discusses Hillman’s remarkable career

Lifetime Achievement: Frank Budgen/Tony Kaye

Frank Budgen and Tony Kaye are equal first among D&AD’s most awarded directors. Paul Rothwell pays tribute to his colleague Frank Budgen and D&AD’s Tim Lindsay explains what makes Kaye unique

Lifetime Achievement: Apple

The most valuable brand in the world is also the most awarded at D&AD. Clive Grinyer, formerly of the Design Council, explains why