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Elisava Design Day

CR’s Gavin Lucas attends the second annual Design Day
event organised by the Elisava design school in Barcelona

Plenty to chew on

In crEATe, The Future Laboratory examines the complex
relationship between food and design. Clem Halpin tucks in

Where’s the Classic Cover Art?

Few contemporary classical music labels acknowledge the relevance of good sleeve design. Spanish label,
Glossa Music, bucks the trend (recent work shown above) but new book, Classique, aims to show that,
since the 50s, there have in fact been many LP designers who realised the strength of a decent sleeve
Is it fair to say that classical music still suffers from a bit of an image problem? If so, this may in some part be due to the kind of sleeve artwork that graces the majority of releases. While contemporary labels like Glossa Music and ECM Records are exceptions to this (the latter uses beautifully minimalist designs, for example) the regular use of a composer’s brooding portrait isn’t necessarily going to entice any new listeners. Which is odd considering classical music’s pedigree in showcasing new design talent, as Horst Scherg’s extensive new book, Classique: Cover Art for Classical Music, reveals…

Jaime Hayon Works It

Spread from Spanish designer Jaime Hayon’s new book, Work, showing the finished version of the
Camper-Hayon shoe
Spanish designer, Jaime Hayon has a head of hair as vivacious and shiny as his work. His new book, Work, offers a full-bodied insight into his elaborately quirky, yet impeccably realised designs. From opulent table lamps mimicking a skyward explosion of bubbles, to a pair of overtly chic monochromatic shoes (designed for Camper), Hayon and timid are two words that dispel each other like incompatible magnets…

The Social Whirl

Gavin Lucas samples the latest gathering of digital advertising’s great and good

Dear Non-Format…

With their new book, Love Song, about to be published, we asked our CRBlog readers to send in their questions for design studio Non-Format. From the benefits inherent in doing work for free; to designing together side-by-side; via questions on their music (and pizza) tastes, we probed Jon and Kjell on behalf of some of their biggest fans…

Swiss Made

In 1992, the artist Ben Vautier represented Switzerland at the World’s Fair with a text painting of the phrase “La Suisse n’existe pas”. Seemingly questioning the existence of a single definitive Switzerland, his words could equally apply to the myth of a homogeneous style of Swiss graphics: hence their presence in this new book from Die Gestalten Verlag

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