Window to the Future

In a unique collaboration, Creative Review and Selfridges joined forces earlier this year for Shape of the Future. Seven of our Creative Futures winners and runners-up from last year were each given a week in Selfridges’ largest window. The brief was simple: create an installation around the theme of shape, building on the work of the previous occupant. This is what happened next…

I Did The music for Sony Paint

In Fallon’s eagerly awaited new Sony Bravia spot, Paint, 70,000 litres of the stuf explodes over a Glasgow estate. Peter Raeburn at Soundtree tells us about his crucial role on the commercial

Sparkling or Still?

Perhaps it’s the effect of all that hype. Perhaps it’s because Balls was so difficult to top. But we’re feeling just a little, well, underwhelmed by Fallon’s finally-released, long-awaited, 70,000 litres of paint-splashing new Sony Bravia spot.
Watch it here

Serpentine Gallery

This month our panel discuss both the Serpentine Gallery’s Rem Koolhaas pavilion and its Thomas Demand show

Life Less Ordinary

Whether it be for advertising, editorial, or his personal work, Dan Tobin Smith has made an art of transforming the ordinary into the sublime.

Making Tracks To The Tate

Cynical old hack that I am, I always get a sinking feeling when I hear about large public institutions attempting to “engage with young urban audiences”. So it was with a resigned air that I opened an email headed “Fallon creates cutting edge music partnerships to bring urban youth to Tate Modern”.