Arena HoM/Me +

Adding further fuel to the “New Ugly” debate on magazine editorial design (see here, here, here, and here) comes M/M’s Arena Homme Plus, sorry Homme +.

D&AD Student winners

Above is Student of the Year (from University College for the Creative Arts at Farnham) Scott Evans’ extensively researched music video The Clock – which details the detrimental footprint of everything he does, looking at fuel emissions, laptop manufacturing processes and more, much more…
Last week D&AD announced the winners of this year’s student awards. We’ve made a selection of work that took first prizes below…

Get Out Of The Sizzle Business

In the second half of his article on change in the ad industry, Tom Wnek explains how brands came to adopt unrealistic emotional values and how ad agencies can help them…

Promising the Earth

In 2000, BP’s ads began to promise to go “beyond petroleum”. Now Shell are claiming they use their CO2 emissions to grow flowers. Is it all a lot of hot air?

The Ultimate Product Demo

Remember when ads for petrol were a common sight on our TV screens? Esso’s Tiger? Reassurances that we could be sure of Shell? What with global warming and dodgy goings-on in the Third World, oil companies have been maintaining something of a lower profile of late, but a new BP campaign from Ogilvy London puts fuel back on the agenda.

Reading the Classics

Penguin is celebrating 60 years of its Classics range – a series that has consistently set the standard for book jacket design. Steve Hare traces the Classics’ rich design heritage and reveals the future plans for one of publishing’s great imprints

More Fuel For Thought

Last year in the magazine we wrote about design group FUEL’s initial forays into the world of publishing with books The Music Library and Fleur. Now FUEL is about to publish a new book, Ideas Have Legs…

Serpentine Gallery

This month our panel discuss both the Serpentine Gallery’s Rem Koolhaas pavilion and its Thomas Demand show

Life Less Ordinary

Whether it be for advertising, editorial, or his personal work, Dan Tobin Smith has made an art of transforming the ordinary into the sublime.