40 years of artwork

Virgin designers past and present discussed the joys and frustrations of designing music artwork last night, at a talk held as part of the record label’s 40th birthday celebrations.

A Kidd’s Guide to Graphic Design

Graphic designer and author Chip Kidd has written an introduction to graphic design for children. The book offers an entertaining and inspiring look at visual communication…

The Book Cover Design Awards

The inaugural Book Cover Design Awards were launched this month by two of the UK’s leading book designers, Jon Gray and Jamie Keenan. Aiming to celebrate book cover design from a wide range of genres, it is now open for nominations from 2013

iOS7: A refreshing return to clarity

Ten years ago Malcolm Garrett attempted to suggest to Jonathan Ive that it might be time to ditch skeumorphic design. With the release of iOS7 he appears to have had that wish granted. We asked the digital pioneer for his creative assessment of the recent OS upgrade

A circular subway map for NYC

Transport mapping expert Max Roberts recently unveiled a radical new take on the New York subway map. Based on concentric circles and spokes, it’s the ninth ‘Circle’ design he has proposed for an underground transport system. He spoke to CR about how he created it and what makes a good map


Design studio RM&CO has produced some impressive work since launching earlier this year – including a sleek new identity for Swiss music and culture festival Gwenstival.

Taking a letter for a walk

At the heart of the new identity for the Whitney Museum in New York is a single, not uncontroversial, zigzag line. Meet Experimental Jetset’s ‘responsive W’

Apple reveals sleek new iOS7

It’s goodbye to faux wood, felt and metal as Apple unveils a sleek new UI design for iOS7, the first major UI project released under the direction of Sir Jonathan Ive

VirusFonts release Doctrine

Doctrine, the latest typeface from Jonathan Barnbrook’s VirusFonts, has its roots in an unlikely source…

OFFSET 2013: day two

Despite something of a melt down of the limited wi-fi at OFFSET in Dublin yesterday, highlights were delivered by Hvass & Hannibal, Ji Lee (image from his Bubble Project, shown above), and Vaughan Oliver…

A most distinctive corporate typeface

Commissioned 100 years ago, Edward Johnston’s eponymous classic has become the longest serving and best-loved corporate typeface of all time. Gavin Lucas investigates the secrets of its enduring appeal

NYC Transit Authority Graphics Standards Manual

For lovers of American modernism, Pentagram sent forth a tweet on Valentine’s day that no doubt got some pulses racing. “Found in Pentagram NY’s basement, here is every last page of Unimark’s 1970 NYC Transit Authority Standards Manual”