Opinion: UAL identity

Pentagram’s new identity for the University of the Arts London effectively solves the problems of its ‘starry’ predecessor, but at a time when academia is changing fundamentally, its corporate ascetism misses the opportunity to inspire and to reflect new relationships

University of the Arts London identity

The University of the Arts London has just unveiled its new identity designed by Pentagram. CR talked to the studio’s Domenic Lippa and UAL’s director of communication Dee Searle about the project, and what it means for the university’s six famous art and design colleges

Pretty ugly

In 2007, CR’s Patrick Burgoyne wrote a piece for the magazine headlined The New Ugly. In it he suggested the emergence of a new wave of graphic design that knowingly broke the rules in an attempt to seize the attention of jaded audiences and respond to young readers. This month sees the publication of a new book, Pretty Ugly, that documents the work of a group of designers who share many of the attributes and aspirations noted in CR’s original piece. Patrick Burgoyne talks to the book’s editors, Martin Lorenz and Lupi Asensio of TwoPoints.Net, about where this movement has
come from and what its legacy may be…

Pretty Ugly or plain ugly?

Skewed, stretched type, clashing colours, too little or too much spacing – across Europe a new generation of designers and art directors is breaking every rule. But is their work rebellion for rebellion’s sake or does it have wider implications for visual communications?

Seventy ways to start a novel

In GraphicDesign&’s first book, Page 1: Great Expectations, 70 designers reinterpret the opening page of the Charles Dickens classic. The results reveal much about the decisions designer’s face in setting any text

A clear break with the past

When the Stedelijk Museum re-opens later this year, it will have a controversial new visual identity, adopted following resignations and rows at the institution. In his latest logo column for CR, Michael Evamy traces the new work’s stormy back story

Design intervention

Churches are turning to identity designers in an attempt to appear more relevant and engaging. But modernisation is not without its problems


The Arkitypo project came about when one of our clients, Ravensbourne, asked if we were interested in developing a research project to test and show­case the in-house 3D prototyping skills and tech­no­logy at their site in Greenwich

Boom and her books

Whether big, small, fat or thing, the publications created by Dutch designer Irma Boom are seldom less than extraordinary. Eliza Williams meets her

Selling Europe back to the Europeans

With its Helvetica-based logo, US homeware brand Crate & Barrel brought European style to the US. Now it’s heading across the Atlantic

CR December issue: free toy!

In our December issue, CR takes a tour around Liverpool’s independent creative scene, meets the remarkable Dutch book designer Irma Boom and has a free gift for all our readers – a paper toy to cut out, keep and customise

Urbanized posters by Build

Gary Hustwit’s new documentary film Urbanized, about the design of cities, premiered last week at the Toronto International Film Festival. Build has designed the identity for the film, the official poster and a set of four limited-edition prints…