Herb Lubalin

Favourite logos: our expert panel

As part of the research for our Top 20 logos issue, we asked various designers and writers to nominate their favourites. We thought you’d like to see all of their choices and the reasons behind them…


Design Indaba: Day 3

Highlights from Design Indaba’s third and final day of conference include talks by Israeli type designer Oded Ezer, American data-visualiser extrordinaire Ben Fry, Robert Wong of Google Labs, and an unexpected choice of final speaker…

U&lc lives

1974 was the year of Watergate, an Oscar for Godfather Part II and the first issue of U&lc magazine. Now Monotype Imaging is making scans of ‘the most important typographic publication of its time’ available to download for free

February 2010: Philippe Apeloig

The poster has become a sadly neglected medium in Britain, particularly where graphic designers are concerned. Envious glances are cast across the Channel where our European neighbours seem, despite the competing attrac­tions of digital media, to find continued value in this most powerful of graphic forms. Particularly in France, it seems, there remains the opportunity for graphic designers to base a large proportion of their practice on creating powerful posters for cultural institutions. Philippe Apeloig has made the most of this opportunity.

Type: the influential Mr Lubalin

Is Herb Lubalin behind the current predilection for elaborately decorative typography? This autumn’s Lubalin Now show made the case for the designer’s enduring appeal

CR December issue

CR’s December issue looks back at the year in visual communications, plus features on surrealism, the Illustrative festival and much more