How I Get Ideas

How I Get Ideas: Sound Designer Yuri Suzuki

The sound designer and recent Pentagram addition gets his ideas from a surprising array of places, whether that’s the latest Marvel blockbuster or the scribblings in his personal collection of Moleskine notebooks he has built up over the past decade

How I Get Ideas: Designer Kate Dawkins

Kate Dawkins Studio specialises in the creation of inventive and distinctive digital content for live shows and brand events. Here she talks about finding inspiration on the streets of east London, and why it pays to have a tidy desk

How I Get Ideas: Comic book author Ann Nocenti

Author Ann Nocenti has worked on some of the biggest titles in the comic book world. She shares how a wander through the city can be enough to create an entire storyline, and why paying attention to niggling thoughts can spark big ideas 

How I Get Ideas: Photographer Lydia Whitmore

Lydia Whitmore has built a successful career as a stills photographer, working across fine art, editorial and commercial work. As she launches her own creative agency and branches into other mediums, she talks about how and where she finds inspiration


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