Humour Issue

Inside Megacomputeur’s world

French collective MegaComputeur make funny films for grownups. Here, we chat with its three founders about their playful process focused on fun, and their delightfully twisted CGI animations

TikTok, comedy and the evolution of meme culture

Drawing on long-established forms of comedy, TikTok’s unique combination of surrealism and silliness is changing the nature of humour on social media. We explore the everyday people and unexpected brands at the forefront of this phenomenon

The art of internet humour

Online comedy was already on the rise before the pandemic, but has since skyrocketed. Here, Mark Sinclair examines what kind of writing works best in the online space, plus how brands can get in on the act

An oral history of the Old Spice ads

First launched in 2010, Wieden + Kennedy Portland’s shirtless one-shot ads for P&G brand Old Spice turned heads and spawned a cascade of spinoffs. We retrace how the ads were made with the creatives as well as The Man himself, Isaiah Mustafa

Morten Morland on satirising the news

Morten Morland has sketched the political landscape for almost 20 years. Here he discusses what’s changed in cartooning in that time, and why it’s important to send up all politicians equally

How fashion found its funny side

Fashion is often perceived to be a serious business, but a wave of brands and creatives are tapping into their sense of humour for ad campaigns and visual communications. We explore what has prompted the industry’s changing tastes

The golden age of webcomics

Dwindling attention spans and a hunger for immediate punchlines mean webcomics are flourishing – and they have plenty to teach us about what the internet finds funny. We talk to artists Alex Norris, Sarah Andersen and Reza Farazmand to find out more

Marketing for laughs

With TV comedy experiencing a boom time, channels are in stiff competition to attract viewers. Emily Gosling talks to creatives and marketers from across broadcasting and streaming to find out how they draw in the audiences


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