Innovation Onscreen

The changing face of ecommerce

The pandemic has thrown the need for a strong ecommerce platform into sharp relief. We explore the balance between creativity and practicality, and what’s next for the field

A look inside in-app advertising

With audiences increasingly turning to their phones and tablets for entertainment in lockdown, in-app advertising is booming. Yet it is often creatively uninspiring and annoying – why? Emily Gosling investigates

The future of virtual influencers

We speak to the creatives behind Gen Z icon Lil Miquela and the first virtual influencer to age over time, Sylvia, about the process of bringing them to life – and why the virtual influencer industry needs a rethink

DIA on turning typography on its head

Meg Donohoe and Mitch Paone, co-founders of the influential design company DIA, talk about why process should come before aesthetics and how using motion design in their work felt radical at the beginning


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