James Joyce

Thanks a Bunch

Not many design studios can boast an identity that incorporates work by Build, Carlos Segura, Paul Davies, Stefan Sagmeister James Goggin and Alexander Gelman…

Build’s Get Involved poster, returned

Karl Escritt’s poster
When Build designed a poster for monthly musical shindig Get Involved that invited people to quite literally get involved – with the poster – he probably never expected he’d get to see the results of other peoples’ involvement. However, thanks to the combined power of blog post + myspace bulletin, dozens of you requested the “blank” file in order to get stuck in. Here are the 40+ posters that have been returned to us so far. Please be patient as it will take a little while for the full post to arrive on your screen. And get your scrolling finger warmed up…

Music, Sweet Music

Boy Scout Recordings sampler CD and patch, designed by Paul Flack
We’ve seen some lovely music-related artwork land on our desks this week at CR towers, which is great, though slightly frustrating as our July issue, complete with Music Showcase section has gone to press (it’s out in the shops this week). So we thought we’d post up some of the things that won’t appear in the magazine, but that we really like. Please note some of the content in this post is not “work safe”…

Badge Exhibition: One Week Left

If you’re a regular reader of CR you probably know that our very own Gavin Lucas has collaborated with CR’s art director, Nathan Gale, (who is also one third of design studio Intercity) on a book project: Badge/Button/Pin (CR May)…

A Small Medium

Artists and designers are transforming the humble button badge into a vibrant communications medium

Image makers get involved

Most of clubland’s promotional material is hardly the stuff of exhibitions. However, one monthly night called Get Involved has been making an effort to swim against the tide…

James Joyce

In common with many of his contemporaries, James Joyce supplemented his full-time job at a design studio with a stream of freelance work, including promotional badges and flyers for monthly clubnight It’s Bigger Than (CR Oct 04) and window graphics for London’s Carhartt store (CR April).