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Solder print by Jason Tozer

Close, Jason Tozer’s recent exhibition at London’s Print Space Gallery, offered up a selection of pieces by the photo­grapher that played on the notion of things not being quite as they seem. Tozer closes in on micro-worlds in much of his work and displayed images of bubbles that look uncannily like planets, details of cracked […]

Close exhibition

Jason Tozer’s series of bubbles that he shot for CR form part of an extensive exhibition of work from the photographer that opens in January next year at London’s theprintspace gallery. Close will also feature detailed studies of ice, smoke, solder and water droplets, with prints of the work available to purchase from blanka.co.uk…

Jason Tozer: Fire & Water

Jason Tozer’s been at it again. His photographs of bubbles, presented here on the CR blog, formed one of our most popular posts. Now he takes a (very) close look at water drops.

Planet Tozer: How He Did It

An old coat hanger bent into a wire loop and a good recipe for bubble mixture – some of the hi-tec essentials for producing great images
Our recent post on photographer Jason Tozer’s images of bubbles prompted a fair few calls of “how did he do that?” Well, we were in his studio on the day of the shoot and can reveal all here…

Planet Tozer

Creative Review commissioned photographer Jason Tozer to shoot these pictures on behalf of Sony using its new Alpha digital camera.

Ice, smoke and solder

The following images show the results of experiments with three different materials: ice, smoke and solder

Win a set of Not For Commercial Use prints

A set of five Not For Commercial Use posters, shot by Jason Tozer
Read on for a chance to bag this set of Not For Commercial Use posters, designed by Build, printed by Generation Press…

db Help Sci Fi to Boldly Go

Early next year dixonbaxi will release the results of a six-month project for the Sci Fi Channel: a series of 48 images aimed at inspiring the channel’s creative teams. The images will also act as a collection of brand statements that can be sent out to partners and other broadcast companies in the industry