Johnny Kelly

Sagmeister adds Walsh

Stefan Sagmeister’s eponymous New York design studio has been renamed Sagmeister & Walsh with the addition of Jessica Walsh as a partner. A fact revealed in typical Sagmeister style with a naked portrait of the new team

I am a camera

We’ve seen some odd student projects in our time here at CR, but this must go down as one of the oddest: two Kingston students created human photograms by swallowing 35mm film, then, erm, expelling it, and recording the results

Zippy auditions for Scarface

From the archives of the Woolly Actors’ Guild comes hitherto unseen archive footage of puppet actors auditioning for some of the most famous roles in cinema, all in aid of Comic Relief

Ah, my Doily News has arrived

In an effort to disguise the latest subscriber copies of advertising journal Lürzer’s Archive, which claims it is the “most stolen” magazine around, Coy! created a series of fake covers designed to deter potential thieves

Nice publications

Time for one of our regular round ups of lovely printed publications. Included is the new issue of Centrefold magazine, the latest hardback graphic novel from Nobrow, an illustrated diary by Jon Burgerman and an unusual mailer by Crispin Finn…

Wallpaper*’s handmade custom covers

Wallpaper* magazine has approached almost 30 image makers and asked them to create a handmade cover image for its forthcoming August Handmade 2012 issue…

Brand New Debris Quilt

While you would expect a conference on identity design to sport a half decent logo, the Brand New Conference has gone all out with “The Brand New Debris Quilt”. It mixes Gotham, overlays and patterns, plus an extra vital ingredient

So, you want some ketchup?

Yum Yum’s latest animated short’s focus is that troublesome bottle of tomato ketchup that no matter how much you shake it, just won’t give up the goods…

A Balloon for Britain

We are struggling through the worst depression in living memory, with a new economic crisis emerging every day. Thank goodness someone has come up with an idea to lift all our spirits and encourage regeneration – giant party balloons to be floated over our ten most deprived towns

CR June 2012 issue

The June issue of CR comes with a health warning. It contains content that readers of a nervous disposition and a love of classical typography may find disturbing. Things are going to get ugly

Rob Lowe at Kemistry Gallery

Rob Lowe aka Supermundane unveils a new direction in his forthcoming show at the Kemistry Gallery in London