Karlsson Wilker

CR January: The Money Issue

What do you earn? Is everyone else getting more? Do you charge enough? How much would it cost to set up on your own? Is there a better way of getting paid? These and many more questions are addressed in January’s Creative Review: The Money Issue

What The Guardian could have looked like?

Richard Turley, art director of The Guardian’s G2 section, has just completed a redesign of Bloomberg Businessweek. It includes some ideas that were originally intended for The Guardian’s redesign

Karlsson Wilker

They’ve got the New York Studio and the cool clients, but the life of Karlsson Wilker is considerably less glamorous than it might appear

Karlsson Wilker in South Africa

The organisers of the Design Indaba conference asked NY design studio Karlsson Wilker to spend ten days in South Africa, creating a new piece of work each day in reaction to what they saw on their travels…


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