Kessels Kramer

KesselsKramer re-imagines the printing press for Moo

KesselsKramer has re-imagined the printing press in a colourful new spot for UK printing company Moo. The ad features a custom made machine with confetti bellows and a paper feed operated by treadmill…

The URL Project

Internet art pioneer Rafael Rozendaal’s latest project asks the public to come up with ideas for URLs which he will use to make art out of

What is Cystic Fibrosis?

Johnson Banks has created a new ‘active’ brand identity system for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust which aims to explain what the disease is and how it affects people

Typo London returns

Last year, the Typo conference series, which originated in Berlin, brought its mixture of high-profile speaker sessions and workshops to London for the first time. On October 19 and 20, Typo London returns to the city

CR July 2012 issue: mmmm … dingbats

Our July issue features a book on advertising for people who don’t like advertising, the new documentary makers, our annual logo trends report and a look at the past and future of the dingbat

Kessels Kramer don’t like advertising: hear why

Don’t like advertising? This could be the book for you. KesselsKramer is launching its latest tome, Advertising For People Who Don’t Like Advertising, next week in London with a talk by KK creative directors Erik Kessels and Dave Bell, along with Steve Henry

Understanding Erik

“It’s not you, it’s me…” No-one ever wants to hear that, do they? Or how about “…you are too much an individual for this agency…”? Erik Kessels suffered both of these let-downs early in his career as he told us at the first in a series of lectures organised by D&AD North. Perhaps he shouldn’t have worn a chicken suit on his first day of work.

The dog who wasn’t there

The star of in almost every picture #9, the latest in Erik Kessels’ series of books of found photography, is a very elusive family pet

Kyoorius Design Yatra Days 2&3

Warning: Do not believe everything this man says. Erik Kessels by Inge Schout
This year’s Kyoorius Design Yatra came to a conclusion here in Goa yesterday with some inspiring words about sustainability, and a hint of controversy, Plus, why Erik Kessels is a big fat fibber…


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