Love and Sex

Should you always love your job?

When it comes to work, it’s often a complicated relationship. CR investigates how you know when the spark of love for your job is gone, and what it takes to get the magic back

An image of Moto Guo and Kinder Eng, a couple that works together

Surviving and thriving as partners in life and work

Mixing business and pleasure isn’t always a bad idea – in fact, some swear by it. We speak to three creative couples about the unparalleled benefits that this kind of relationship can bring, how to avoid disasters and the value of letting go of barriers

Rethinking sex education

How do you teach young people about sex and relationships in a way that won’t make them cringe? We talk to Ruby Stevenson, Education Manager at Brook, about creating fun and engaging programmes and resources for young people – and what the future holds for sex ed

Does sexual health need a rebrand?

Budget cuts are pushing sexual health services to breaking point, but could creativity be the key to tackling the problem? We speak to non-profit Brook and online service SH:24 about how design is shaping the way we think about sex


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