Added edge

Two encouraging trends are set to emerge in magazine apps – simpler design and more manageable content

Sale notice lettering

White, handpainted, deliberately crude lettering in the style once used on shop windows – it’s all over the place

The Aspen attitude

As one of the first multimedia publications, Aspen hinted at what a magazine could be. It’s now the subject of a new show

A magazine marathon

Creating London 2012’s daily magazine was no easy task, but publishers Haymarket put in a gold medal performance

A specialist subject

With mainstream titles going consumerist, specialists such as Figure offer a more exciting way to explore the culture

Adobe Creative Week

Adobe Creative Week is a week-long series of online debates, reports and how-to sessions on the creative industry. Each day takes a different theme, covering design and publishing, film and video, web and mobile and photography

Titles that titillate

From the wholesome world of crafts to the reinvention of the sex magazine, independent publishers target all tastes

Magazine story

Fuelled by adrenaline and pizza, the Bloomberg Businessweek team had just ten hours to produce its Steve Jobs tribute issue. Here’s how they did it

I Spy an influential magazine

At the latest Printout event, organised by Stack and magCulture, myself, Liz Bennett from Oh Comely, Steven Gregor from Gym Class Magazine and Simon Esterson from Eye presented our favourite old or ‘dead’ magazines. And I learned that a lot of what I love about some of today’s best weeklies was pioneered by Spy magazine in the 80s

La France Retro

A series of posters inspired by those for the films of Jacques Tati are urging us to visit Western France for our holidays this year

The whys & wherefores

From Ocado to Occupy, a good magazine starts out with a clear idea of its aims and readership. Otherwise, what’s the point?

The magazine that started it all

A 50-year retrospective show celebrates the great photography in The Sunday Times Magazine, but little about its design history is revealed