Creative Review Among Design Museum Designs of the Year

CR is quietly chuffed to announce that two of our projects have been chosen for the Design Museum’s new Designs of the Year exhibition “showcasing the best work in architecture and design in the last 12 months”. The December Monograph (spread shown above) and Peter Saville’s sticker from our February issue will both be in the show.

Editorial Designers Of The World, Unite

Haymarket design director Paul Harpin, John Brown executive creative director Jeremy Leslie and a line-up of the great and good of UK editorial design have come together to launch The Editorial Design Organisation, a not-for-profit body that “aims to promote the skill, knowledge and appreciation of editorial design in magazines, newspapers and websites”.
Leslie, who also runs the magazine design blog, magCulture explains the ED.O’s goals…

The New Ugly

Following all the debate generated by our interviews with Super Super’s Steve Slocombe and 032c art director Mike Meiré, here is the piece from the current issue of Creative Review which draws on those sources to set the work into a wider context
Stretched type, day-glo colours and a flagrant disregard for the rules: are we witnessing a knee-jerk reaction to the slick sameness of so much design or a genuine cultural shift?
In the early 90s, the mother of all rows blew up between, on the one hand, the traditionalist school of American designers led by Massimo Vignelli and, in defiant opposition, the avant garde of Emigre and the Cranbrook Academy of Art. The catalyst was an essay in Eye magazine by Steven Heller entitled Cult of the Ugly, in which the world’s most prolific design writer took Cranbrook and its students to task over, as he saw it, their gratuitously ugly output. Well now, it seems, ugly is back.

The Provocative Mr Meiré

German art director Mike Meiré (above) is renowned in magazine circles for designing two of the most innovative magazines of recent times – brand eins and Econy. Both were celebrated for their clean, cool aesthetic appeal. His latest project, however, deliberately sets out to subvert all the notions of “good” design that his previous work nurtured so carefully. His redesign of cultural magazine 032c was described by as “willfully awkward”. Set against the standards of mainstream graphic design, it is, well, ugly. Here, Meiré explains why…

State Of Independents

We asked Jeremy Leslie to select the most interesting magazines on show at Colophon2007, the international conference for independent magazine makers. Here are his choices…

Come in Magazines, Your Time is Up!

A new book suggests the digital revolution will leave esoteric magazines unscathed but force mainstream titles to adapt to new media

For Sale: One Page of Creative Review

“Mother are guest editing the February issue of Creative Review and are offering one page for anyone to ‘express themselves’. Highest bidder wins a page of this creative magazine to express their creativity in any way they want. You give us some of your cash, we’ll give you one of our pages. Your page will be seen by 100,000 people. Please submit your artwork by Thursday 21 December 2006. No company logos, no adverts, no Danish cartoons.”
This was the copy that went up on eBay on 7 December 2006. This is what happened next.