M&C Saatchi

Ho Ho Ho!

Every December at CR we are lucky enough to receive an array of wonderful cards and, in more recent years, films wishing us a Merry Christmas (while also deftly demonstrating the creative talents of the senders). Here is a selection of our favourites so far from this year… plus a few other Christmassy things that are going on around London. First up is this charming little film from AKQA London.

The Anti-Advertising Conference

Big Spaceship’s Michael Lebowitz makes a point at CR’s Click event. (Pic: Jon Cockley)
“Advertising has never given anyone anything except a headache. It’s something you do to get in people’s faces in a world where there is already far too much noise. I want to live in a post-advertising world.” Discuss…

The Tim And Tony Show

“Do you want to say anything now Tony? You want to sing a song? He says he wants to sing a song.” Two of adland’s more ‘colourful’ characters, Tim Mellors and Tony Kaye, gave a talk to the M&C Saatchi creative department last week…

Daydreams at M&C

The normally pristine white atrium at ad agency M&C Saatchi has been transformed into a showcase of the multifarious talents of creative collective Daydream Network…

Things that make you go hmmm…

Ad agencies, they just can’t help being “inspired” by others can they? CR spotted this at the offices of M&C Saatchi last night – something about it was strangely familiar…

Mike Figgis Wants Us All To Be Nice On The Bus

Your top five hates on the bus? Kids playing music out of their tinny mobiles? Litter? People shouting down their phones? It’s OK. London’s buses are about to become oases of calm and civil behaviour thanks to director Mike Figgis.

Creatives Fly The Flag For D&AD… But Dempsey Wonders Why

In order to provide imagery for the divider pages of this year’s D&AD Annual, Fabrica (who are designing the Annual this year) invited creatives around the world to take a picture featuring a D&AD flag. The flags were sent out in a pack giving detailed instructions on the brief and how to submit images, the best of which are featured in the 2007 D&AD Annual, out on 4 September. Former D&AD President and founder of CDT Design, Mike Dempsey, however, used his opportunity to point out that perhaps this wasn’t the most environmentally sound exercise they could have come up with…

Cannes 07: Controversy Over Grand Prix While UK Gloom Continues

Ogilvy & Mather Toronto took the Film Grand Prix in Cannes last night
Following its success in the Cyber Lions, Ogilvy & Mather Toronto made it a double at the Cannes ad festival, winning the Film Grand Prix for Dove Evolution. However, the award was the subject of major controversy as, at the film press conference, one reporter asked the jurors, “Did you cheat to give Dove the Grand Prix?”


ITV1’s Afterlife show is a spooky drama about a medium who, following a car crash starts to receive messages from “the other side” (as in dead people, not BBC One).
So what better way to promote the series than to scare the bejeesus out of passers-by with a bit of Guerrilla Advertising? Watch what happened here.