Michael Bierut

Design Indaba: Documenting Design

One of the challenges faced regularly by designers and ad people is explaining to people just what it is they do. In an excellent panel at Design Indaba, three filmmakers discussed the films they’ve made that are helping to illuminate the hidden worlds of advertising and design…

Design Indaba: Michael Bierut

CR will be blogging from this year’s Design Indaba in Cape Town this week. Co-host and speaker Michael Bierut kicked off the festival this morning with a deft presentation about how sometimes as a designer it pays to be humble…

It is now six minutes to midnight

Last Thursday the minute hand of the Doomsday Clock, the metaphorical clock that monitors how near humanity is to catastrophic destruction, was moved back one minute to six minutes to midnight. Pentagram marked the event in print

TheYouTube dilemma

YouTube provides a steady stream of inspiration to ad creatives, but it leaves directors vulnerable and agencies open to rip-off claims

Luke Hayman

“Creative Review is the reason why I became a designer”. Patrick Burgoyne meets Pentagram New York’s most recent partner

The YouTube Dilemma

YouTube provides inspiration to creatives, but it also leaves young directors vulnerable and agencies open to accusations of plagiarism. What’s the solution?

Me, Myself and I

From designer Nicholas Felton’s recently-published Annual Report, documenting his 2008 in minute detail. Last year he travelled 38,524 miles. Average speed: 4.39 mph
Why do graphic designers find themselves so fascinating? As Nicholas Felton issues his latest Feltron Report for 2008, Michael Johnson examines the new wave of ‘me-projects’.

Sam Potts

Design fit for superheroes and other stories: Patrick Burgoyne meets well-read New York designer Sam Potts

Bobby’s Burger Palace

Pentagram’s new identity for Bobby’s Burger Palace in Lake Grove, Long Island.
Conveniently, each word in the name has six letters: sandwich them together and,
rather nicely, you get two buns, a burger (and some lettuce)
Burgers. They’ve been getting a bit of a bad press recently. So it’s nice to see a design studio having a decent pop at designing an identity for a range of burger restaurants, which, these days, could be thought of as a potentially healthy-eating (ahem) hot potato. But Pentagram has firmly grasped the buns here, so to speak, with its bright and bold identity work for celebrity chef Bobby Flay’s Burger Palace. To us it’s indicative of the time when chomping responsibly on the odd burger was supposed to be fun. Well at Bobby’s it clearly is, and Pentagram look to have made the experience a little more enjoyable…