michael johnson

Decision time for the RCA

This week is an important one for the future of graphic design in the UK, writes Michael Johnson, as the RCA interviews candidates to run its Communication Art and Design course. But with CA&D a decade old, has Art proved too much of a distraction from Design?

2009, the year of graphic stats

Sent to CR recently: Faber’s 2010 catalogue and the illustrated short story collection, We Are The Friction, both proudly wearing their stats on their sleeves

Fa la la la la

Here at CR Towers we’ve been receiving lots of lovely Xmas messages from the design and advertising community…

Oh, London

The Mayor of London, in his infinite wisdom, has decided that the city needs re-branding. In just seven weeks. And there’s no pitch fee…

The best way to show off?

Continuing our graduate theme, Michael Johnson asks whether the degree show is the most effective way for aspiring designers to show their wares while James McNulty looks at the changing nature of the ad creative’s ‘book’

CR August issue

The August issue of CR is out on July 23, featuring pieces on rock posters, Concrete Poetry, the Million project and this cover designed for us by Music

68, 72, 84, 2012?

Will designers remember London’s Olympics as fondly as they do those of Mexico, Munich and LA? Not without an improved tendering process and a creative director, says Mark Sinclair

Food for thought

In a unique role reversal, design studio Thoughtful is undertaking a placement within Stockport college

Freehand Anonymous

Detail from I Would Save Freehand print for ifyoucould.co.uk by tDR
I discovered recently that this (allegedly) high-tech industry of ours is populated by a whole

tranche of designers who are quietly hanging on to an old, obsolete piece of drawing software writes Michael Johnson. They know they shouldn’t, they get ridiculed for it, but they can’t help it. A piece of software that has been ever-present for decades has proved a tough habit to crack. Like the beginning of an AA meeting where people stand and admit that they’re hardened drinkers, it’s time to stand up and say that “my name is Michael and, yes, I do still use Freehand”…