Mike Dempsey

Sexy Type

The July, Sex Special, issue of Wallpaper* has some nice type projects featured so we thought we’d flag them up…

The Art Of Lost Words

text/gallery is a new experimental showcase for art and design projects inspired by the printed and written word, according to its website. The brainchild of curator Rebecca Pohancenik of Studio Zwei, text/gallery has opened its first exhibition entitled The Art Of Lost Words this week at London’s German Gymnasium which promises to showcase “new design and illustration inspired by language’s forgotten words”…

Me, Myself and I

From designer Nicholas Felton’s recently-published Annual Report, documenting his 2008 in minute detail. Last year he travelled 38,524 miles. Average speed: 4.39 mph
Why do graphic designers find themselves so fascinating? As Nicholas Felton issues his latest Feltron Report for 2008, Michael Johnson examines the new wave of ‘me-projects’.

Let’s form a committee…

Image by clagnut via Flickr
Most design committees are a recipe for disaster or inactivity, says Mike Dempsey, so what should we expect from the Mayor of London’s recently unveiled Design Advisory Panel? Well, with no graphic, digital or motion designers on board, the early signs aren’t looking that good…

Me, myself and I

Why do graphic designers find themselves so fascinating?
Michael Johnson investigates the new wave of ‘me-projects’

Studio Dempsey: Self-promotional postcards

After finally stepping down from CDT last year, the design studio that he co-founded, Mike Dempsey set up his own, far smaller operation to concentrate on projects of personal interest

Creatives Fly The Flag For D&AD… But Dempsey Wonders Why

In order to provide imagery for the divider pages of this year’s D&AD Annual, Fabrica (who are designing the Annual this year) invited creatives around the world to take a picture featuring a D&AD flag. The flags were sent out in a pack giving detailed instructions on the brief and how to submit images, the best of which are featured in the 2007 D&AD Annual, out on 4 September. Former D&AD President and founder of CDT Design, Mike Dempsey, however, used his opportunity to point out that perhaps this wasn’t the most environmentally sound exercise they could have come up with…