Milton Glaser

NB says goodbye to Polaroid

In 2009, the last batches of instant photographic film produced by Polaroid reached their expiry date. NB Studio has marked its passing with a rather nice memento

When designers wore lab coats

“Unimark was self-aggrandising, hubristic, wasteful, under-planned and overblown,” says Rick Poynor in our review of a new book about the design firm with the unusual dress code

Work Life: Studio Culture

The November issue of Creative Review is inspired by Unit’s debut publication, Studio Culture. Here Adrian Shaughnessy and Tony Brook discuss the book

Milton Glaser, artist

Rick Poynor welcomes a new book of drawings by Milton Glaser that reveal the designer’s technical skills as an artist

Design guidelines

Bland statements of intent can do designers more harm than good, says Craig Oldham. It’s vital that we stick to our beliefs

Milton Glaser – artist?

Rick Poynor argues that the most intriguing aspect of Milton Glaser’s work is the degree to which he is really an artist trapped – or at least voluntarily confined – in a designer’s body.

Mythologies exhibition graphics by Spin

Interior graphics for the exhibition, Mythologies (designed by Spin) at Haunch of Venison’s new Burlington Gardens space in London
The Haunch of Venison gallery unveiled its new home last month with a new exhibition, Mythologies, that paid homage to the building’s previous incarnation as the Museum of Mankind. The exhibition essentially turned the gallery into a giant cabinet of curiosities and, before it closes this weekend, we wanted to post some images of the graphic design work created for the show by London-based studio, Spin…

CR May Issue/The Annual

The double, May issue of CR features nearly 100 pages of the finest work of the past year in The Annual, plus features on design for the London Olympics, advertising and YouTube, the amazing rollercoaster ride of Attik and, we hope, lots of other interesting thing too…

Roll Up For The Great Design Auction

Is a Brody worth more than a Sagmeister? Will a Hyland hold its value better than a Carter? Find out on 9 April when over 100 lots from 64 designers go under the hammer of “distinguished rebel auctioneer” Jonathan Barnbrook at The Design Auction.