The (unabridged) Ecstasy poster story

Mark Blamire, one of the designers that designed the Trainspotting poster campaign 16 years ago, has designed the campaign for Irvine Welsh’s latest film adaptation, Ecstasy…

The magpie

Edward McKNight Kauffer looked to the avant-garde for inspiration in his commercial practice. A new exhibition celebrates his heady blend of advertising and art

It’s a fiction, an addiction

Visiting the Victoria and Albert Museum’s autumn blockbuster exhibition, Post­modernism: Style and Subversion, 1970–1990, I had a minor epiphany in front of a chest of drawers. In 1978 Alessandro Mendini arranged to have an Art Deco cabinet decorated with a copy of an abstract painting by Wassily Kandinsky from the 1920s and an angular mirror […]

The in-house designer: agent of social change?

A new book, Own Label: Sainsbury’s Design Studio 1962–1977 highlights the role played by the supermarket’s design team in modernising British attitudes to food and how its work reflected underlying social upheaval. The following is an exclusive extract from Emily King’s essay that opens the book, published by FUEL next month…

Favourite logos: our expert panel

As part of the research for our Top 20 logos issue, we asked various designers and writers to nominate their favourites. We thought you’d like to see all of their choices and the reasons behind them…


The Cult of Crouwel

The Design Museum’s excellent Wim Crouwel show is evidence of the reverence afforded to the Dutch designer in the UK, but why is he held in such high regard? And why now?

Wonder Woman

With her first book, I Wonder, Marian Bantjes hopes to rekindle the art of ornament and the illustrated text

Exuberance is Beauty

For anyone weary of the Minimalism on display in many of the contemporary art galleries across London, a new exhibition at The Nunnery in East London may just provide a remedy…

Type: the influential Mr Lubalin

Is Herb Lubalin behind the current predilection for elaborately decorative typography? This autumn’s Lubalin Now show made the case for the designer’s enduring appeal

When designers wore lab coats

“Unimark was self-aggrandising, hubristic, wasteful, under-planned and overblown,” says Rick Poynor in our review of a new book about the design firm with the unusual dress code

They Sell! We Buy!

DR-SI™ (Proto-Sat Nav Locator), SoYo™, North of Nowhere™ (1993)
In the March issue of CR we broke the news that the Designers Republic, one of the most influential graphic design studios of the past 20 years, had closed its doors. Here, Rick Poynor looks back at the studio’s work and assesses its lasting influence…