Carter Wong rejuvenates Cornetto

Design consultancy Carter Wong has rebranded Unilever’s Cornetto ice cream, as part of the brand’s strategy to reposition itself in the market

Julia Pott

There’s a certain darkness at the heart of Julia Pott’s work which leaves the viewer wondering about what sort of character could dream it up

Nice work for John Lewis, St John Ambulance, VW and more

As the X Factor and Downtown Abbey return to UK television screens, we see the arrival of the first blockbuster TV spots of the autumn. This weekend saw the new ad from John Lewis hit our screens, which is a sentimental tale of two time-crossed lovers….

Jarvis and Kenworthy film a Bro Down for MTV

Working with MTV World Design Studio, illustrator James Jarvis has teamed up with Shynola director Richard Kenworthy to deliver a new animated ident for MTV. Entitled Bro Down, it depicts a group of skateboarders hanging out…

The September iPad edition

The September edition of our iPad app is now available to download, with an exclusive preview of the new Bureau of Common Goods film, The Cigar Shop. There’s also some dreamy photography from Joss McKinley, a peek inside the world of master hand-letterer Job Wouters, and a beautiful photographic series featuring members of the Paralympian Team GB…

Kelly’s Eye

Johnny Kelly’s Back To The Start film for Chipotle is enjoying success at awards all over the world, bringing deserved recognition for the director

A new vision for Microsoft

When distressed and wildly experimental typography were all the rage, Chris Ashworth made his name as an emerging UK print designer. These days, however, he is leading the creation of the Microsoft Windows Phone brand. Patrick Burgoyne reports on his new role and its connection to the introduction of a radical new design philosophy that Microsoft is adopting across its products

Mistaken identities

Perfection is wearing thin, even in the practise of corporate identity, where many brands are turning up messy and unkempt

Best Slogans: the experts’ view

As regular readers of the CR blog will be aware, we are devoting a forthcoming issue of the magazine to looking at the best slogans ever. We canvassed your opinions on the blog, and have now approached a panel of industry experts to give us their top five slogans. Here’s what they picked…

Nice work for Chevy, Nike, Coke and more

Here’s our latest round-up of great new work that’s been sent into CR Towers. First up is a new ad celebrating Chevy’s 100th birthday, from Goodby, Silverstein & Partners…

Ideas that do

In 2006, Guerrilla Advertising by CR’s own Gavin Lucas documented the arrival of a new crossbreed of advertising and PR. With the publication of the book’s sequel, Lucas discusses such work’s role in creativity today with some leading practitioners

M for Marina

Joining the ranks of ‘logo as image receptacle’ identities is a new scheme for Barcelona’s Marina Port Vell created by Aesop, the London-based consultancy that was formed earlier this year