Fe2O3 – making glyphs with ferrofluid and magnetic fields

Typographer Craig Ward has once again collaborated with biochemist and photographer Linden Gledhill on the development of Fe2O3 Glyphs, an ornamental typeface produced by subjecting ferrofluid to magnetic fields. The resulting glyphs are set to feature on a series of unique letterpress prints

Olympukes 2012

In 2004 Jon Barnbrook’s foundry VirusFonts reinterpreted the Olympic pictogram in a series of designs that “acknowledged the complex contradictions of the modern Olympics.” Launching today, a new range of Olympukes symbols has been created to reflect on London 2012

Enduring characters

Whether ornamental or practical, it has proved a vital weapon in the typographer’s armoury since the early days of print. Now OpenType technology offers a raft of new possibilities for this ever-adaptable format. Gavin Lucas explores the past and future of the dingbat

FF Chartwell: a graph-making font

FF Chartwell by Travis Kochel is an ingenious typeface which makes use of OpenType ligatures to create graphs within a text box…

Display faces

Our first Type Annual showcases excellence in international typeface design over the past year. Here are the entries that made it into our Display faces category.

Monotype embraces @font-face possibilities

Monotype Imaging yesterday launched a beta version of Web Fonts – a hosted service that, for the first time, enables designers to choose web enabled fonts from the Monotype, Linotype and ITC typeface libraries, in addition to various third-party foundries, for use in website design. We asked the guys at Monotype to tell us more…

Too much type?

Since the advent of OpenType, typeface families have been growing ever larger. Do we need all this choice?

Demand Your Type Right

The technology exists to display fonts properly on screen, so why do so few devices manage it? Bruno Maag says its time to fight for our right to type


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