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Me, Myself and I

From designer Nicholas Felton’s recently-published Annual Report, documenting his 2008 in minute detail. Last year he travelled 38,524 miles. Average speed: 4.39 mph
Why do graphic designers find themselves so fascinating? As Nicholas Felton issues his latest Feltron Report for 2008, Michael Johnson examines the new wave of ‘me-projects’.

Me, myself and I

Why do graphic designers find themselves so fascinating?
Michael Johnson investigates the new wave of ‘me-projects’

Kyoorius Design Yatra Days 2&3

Warning: Do not believe everything this man says. Erik Kessels by Inge Schout
This year’s Kyoorius Design Yatra came to a conclusion here in Goa yesterday with some inspiring words about sustainability, and a hint of controversy, Plus, why Erik Kessels is a big fat fibber…

Pentagram Opens The Vaults

New York Public Theater poster by Paula Scher
As part of the London Design Festival, Pentagram is delving into its not inconsiderable archive to host a poster exhibition featuring some of the finest work produced by its partners, past and present.

(Almost) All The President’s Men

Ben Terrett of The Design Conspiracy and Noisy Decent Graphics reviews last night’s
Pentagram D&AD President’s Lecture
Last night saw the much anticipated Pentagram D&AD President’s lecture. A packed young audience, as much as 1,200 people, nine Partners on stage, more in the audience and your humble correspondent sat down at the front memorising every word for you lot.