SK-II’s approach to beauty is anything but boring

James Corden isn’t the most obvious choice as brand ambassador for a Japanese skincare range, but SK-II has proven that beauty and humour don’t have to be mutually exclusive. We speak to CEO Sandeep Seth about the brand’s refreshingly playful ethos

Ad for skateboard brand Palace

How Palace grew up with a grin on its face

The skateboarding brand has broadened its appeal, attracting everyone from the halfpipe to the runway to the football pitch, but it’s still held onto its playful spirit. We talk to MPC’s Richard Skinner about creating fun ads for the brand, even as the stakes get higher

What makes a hit mobile game?

Mobile gaming has come a long way since the days of Snake. But with so many titles now competing for attention, how do you create something that stands out? We explore what makes for a great experience – and what we can learn from successful titles

How to create a playable city

Technology may be reshaping how we engage with urban spaces, but does it risk sucking the life out of them in the process? We explore some of the creative projects that are making our cities more playful

How Hornbach’s playful take on DIY made tools cool again

German store Hornbach has established itself as the cathedral of DIY, with years of tongue-in-cheek advertising that’s appealed to home improvers’ sense of humour. We delve into why it works so well, and what it can teach advertisers about the current mania for purpose

How brands can up their game in the world of esports

Esports have rapidly evolved into a billion dollar industry, but it’s still often deemed the “wild west” for brands. We speak to experts from Copa90 and 72andSunny Amsterdam about why it’s such a complex landscape, and what potential opportunities and pitfalls brands need to look out for

How to create a playful workplace

There’s more to creating a playful culture than installing ball pits and pool tables. We talk to Franz Blach, MD at IDEO in Munich, about the importance of ‘playing with purpose’


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