Unique poster art from OSPAAAL that thrived thanks to the Cuban revolution

Hiding in plain sight

Logos that actively conceal a brand’s identity can be confusing, but they’re also a clever way of getting noticed, argues our resident corporate identity expert

Buying the brand

From licensing to merchandise, TfL makes millions from its brands each year. Transport Museum head of trading Michael Walton talks to Patrick Burgoyne

The art of conversation

Working alone has plenty of advantages, but talking to kitchen appliances doesn’t usually help with inspiration

Orwell, covered up

Brand new covers for five of George Orwell’s works feature in a new series published today by Penguin and designed by David Pearson. The set includes a remarkable take on Orwell’s most well known novel, Nineteen Eighty-Four

Meme Wars

Kalle Lasn brings his Adbusters aesthetic to a book on economic theory. But does it work? Aditya Chakrabortty is unconvinced

Nice ads in November

Summer haters being kept in the cold, an illustrated ditty on the perils of ill-advised transgressions on railway lines and a turbo-charged chain-reaction video feature in our latest round-up of entertaining, and endearing, ads from around the world.

PhotoVoice lecture: Tim Flach

Next week photographer Tim Flach (whose image of Jambo, a hairless chimpanzee, above, graces the cover of our new November / Photography Annual issue) is set to talk about his new book, More Than Human, at a PhotoVoice lecture in London…

The illustrated Wired world of the future

A new special issue of Wired magazine (UK edition) utilises no fewer than 17 image-makers to illustrate predicted trends for 2013 in technology, media, politics, science, business, health, lifestyle and architecture…

Benetton’s search for Unemployees of the Year

Benetton has unveiled the latest in its series of UnHate projects, following on from its ‘kissing world leaders’ campaign. Unemployee of the Year is an online contest that will provide 100 out-of-work young people with funding for social initiatives

The quiet American

Herb Lubalin was not the most talkative of men, but when it came to words on a page, few were his equal