David Bowie Is the subject of this V&A book

Graphic design studio Barnbrook has designed the David Bowie Is book which accompanies the V&A’s exhibition of the same name, set to open later this month. We spoke to Barnbrook’s Jon Abbott about the project…

Underground art

The history of the tube is also the history of the poster: a new London Transport Museum exhibition selects 150 key pieces from the archives

Less mud, more art

Contemporary music festivals have ditched the tie-dye in favour of strong visual identities and collaborations with a host of great artists and designers

Agent 007-point

Everyone needs good design, right? Even the CIA, it seems. And not a bad starting salary either.

What the papers say

Printed circuitry, conductive inks and the development of bespoke hardware are turning print into an interactive medium. Pete Thomas explains the potential of Paper Electronics and Printed Apps

Beware the Uncanny Valley

Technology based on groundbreaking research allows CG studios to design ever more lifelike digital humans.But will they ever be completely believable?

Barcelona: A Guide by TwoPoints.Net

This issue of Monograph is, we hope, the first of many which take a fresh approach to the publication. In order to refresh the concept, we are going to ask designers and creatives in cities around the world to curate a kind of ‘creative guide’ to their city, picking out what they feel are the practitioners and work that are the most significant at the present time. For our first such guide we invited the Barcelona studio TwoPoints.Net to put together a snapshot of the most exciting work from their city. Our thanks to them.

What you won’t be seeing in Barcelona today

There’s a general strike in Spain today which means that, among other inconveniences, design fans will be denied the chance to see Mario Eskenazi’s brilliant identity system for the city of Barcelona in action. I recently had the chance to speak to Eskanazi about a piece of work that is a daily part of city life