Hairy type

This hirsute bit of lettering was created by Chris Davenport using Nodebox, another in the increasing number of ‘digital sketchbooks’ available to designers

Maps for these territories

Making sense out of complex data is an unenviable task but US designer Ben Fry works to illustrate the art within the highly scientific.

Design as Weapon of the Cold War

The American National Exhibition, Kaiser Geodesic Dome, Moscow, 1959
David Crowley, curator of the V&A museum’s current Cold War Modern show, reveals how design provided the battleground for much of the bitter East-West competition that emerged from the late 1940s onwards.

Faber Finds generative book covers

Faber Finds is a recently launched service offered by publisher Faber and Faber that utilises digital print technology and affordability to make out-of-print books available once more. Basically, a book is only printed when someone orders it – and, thanks to some clever gener­ative programming by Universal Everything collaborator Karsten Schmidt (undertaken through his own studio,, each cover printed promises to be totally unique. Various decorative elements designed by Marian Bantjes are arranged by the programme into a decorative border around the book’s title and author. The latter appear in a bespoke font, b-hmmnd, designed by Build’s Michael Place…

Advanced Beauty: weekly podcasts

Advanced Beauty is the name of a collaborative project curated by design studio Universal Everything and musician Freeform in which programmers, artists, musicians, animators and architects are invited to collaborate on digital artworks influenced by sound…

Terminal 5 Films, Nokia

As we have reported on before in CR, Nokia has been commissioning an imaginative array of motion graphics work for display in its stores around the world

Flashing Lights

Andy Polaine is inspired by the more creative direction of 2007’s Flash on the Beach event

We Coded S4C’s Voice-Responsive Idents

The latest batch of live action idents for Welsh channel S4C by Proud Creative all feature elements which respond to the voice of the channel’s announcer – thanks to 12 months of research and development, not to mention the code-writing skills of directors Minivegas.

PS3 Goes Pop

This glitzy new campaign for Sony PlayStation 3, from TBWALondon, sees the introduction of a more theatrical feel to the brand’s advertising

Plus ça Change…

Philip Meggs’ classic text, A History Of Graphic Design, now has a contemporary, updated rival. But, as Anna Gerber discovers, even in the graphic arts, the more things change, the more they stay the same