Question of the week

Question of the week:

We’re just finishing off our August issue here at CR and couldn’t help noticing that, in two of our major features, lunchtime arrangements are cited as a key factor in maintaining the right kind of studio or agency culture. So what do you do for the mid-day meal?

CR November issue

The November issue of CR focuses on your workplaces – what they look like and what you do there

Question of the Week 29.09.09

Following on from last week’s question about where you work, we want to know about how you manage your studio or agency

Question of the Week 22.09.09

For this week’s question, we want to know about where you work. Just how important is location, location, location in the creative industry?

Question of the Week 15.09.09

We all have people that we admire for what they do, or simply for how they are. So this week we’re asking, who in the world of advertising or design do you admire and why?

Question of the Week 08.09.09

It’s a new QOTW and we want to know whether our readers are bloggers too. Is everyone at it, or is there always a time and a place? If you blog, why do you do it? What do you blog about?

The best way to show off?

Continuing our graduate theme, Michael Johnson asks whether the degree show is the most effective way for aspiring designers to show their wares while James McNulty looks at the changing nature of the ad creative’s ‘book’

Question of the Week 01.09.09

Tying in with our current graduate issue, our latest QoTW asks what kind of things students need to bring to the workplace that they might not have learned in college…

Question of the week 18.08.09

Being green is now a necessity for any business that wants to be successful. So how do you go about making sure you’re doing what you can in your day to day work?

Question of the week 11.08.09

With thousands of new graduates on the scene, demand for placements is at its height. So this week, we’d like to know how you organise them at your studio or agency, what you think of the placement system and what your experiences have been

Question of the Week 04.08.09

For this week’s question, we’d like you to delve into your past and tell us about the first person you ever hired…


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