Dear Mr Barnbrook…

The cover of Jonathan Barnbrook’s monograph Barnbrook Bible: The Graphic Design of Jonathan Barnbrook. The book will be published on 19 June, coinciding with Friendly Fire, Barnbrook’s show at the Design Museum
Last month, we asked you to send in questions for designer, typographer and all-round tweaker of the nose of corporate irresponsibility, Jonathan Barnbrook. Here are his answers…

…Saving the planet. Open 24 Hours

Instead of a logo, Sophie Thomas and Kristine Matthews drew up a manifesto to express their studio’s identity. It states their interests as: Design for communication. Smart concepts. Groovy colours. All challenges relished. All media covered…

Keep on Truckin’!

Photography collective Photodebut came up with a novel way to get their latest exhibition *ahem* on the road. Their solution was to acquire a 40-tonne truck and display a range of photography on lightboxes stashed within the hold. With the tarpaulin pulled to one side, the empty truck became a huge display space that was also (rather conveniently) fully portable, as the show travelled to three sites in London last week.

Flock It

It’s wallpaper’s turn to enjoy a retro chic revival, thanks to digital technology and talented designers.