Roel Wouters

Great crowdsourced video from Moniker

Design studio Moniker in Amsterdam has created this excellent music video-cum-website for the song Kilo by the band Light Light which is super fun to play with…

Together in electric dreams

Nexus Productions made its name in animation but is now branching out into the interactive arts, with a new roster of artists skilled in creating everything from iPhone apps to large-scale installations

The Wouters work their Rainbowgun

Job and Roel Wouters’ film 1234567 is part of the If You Could Collaborate show in London, but you can also watch their Rainbowgun in action on CR Blog

If You Could Collaborate

The fourth annual If You Could exhibition has opened: CR was lucky enough to have a preview of the 33 collaborative projects on show

If You Could Collaborate

For their fourth annual exhibition, the If You Could team will be showing the fruits of some intriguing creative collaborations in January

The website on a trolley

This is the homepage of the site for W139, an Amsterdam-based exhibition and production space for contemporary art. All the elements sit on a trolley that is wheeled around the space and photographed from above

Letman: tickling the eye

Job Wouters, aka Letman, puts a modern spin on the archaic practice of handlettering. CR asks him about his work…

TheYouTube dilemma

YouTube provides a steady stream of inspiration to ad creatives, but it leaves directors vulnerable and agencies open to rip-off claims

The YouTube Dilemma

YouTube provides inspiration to creatives, but it also leaves young directors vulnerable and agencies open to accusations of plagiarism. What’s the solution?

Great New Videos

Running With The Beast by zZz, by Roel Wouters
Here’s a selection of some of the most interesting new videos that have passed through CR Towers of late. First up, Roel Wouters courts controversy in his latest video for zZz, for new track Running With The Beast. (Warning: some viewers may find this film upsetting.)


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